CCTV Camera Monitoring

Greater Vancouver CCTV specializes in two-way voice technology and remote monitoring for accessible control on construction sites.


High Quality Security Solutions for the Greater Vancouver Area and Lower Mainland of British Columbia


Apple delivers a combination of effective and reliable security through our advanced protocols and experience. We can provide significant savings for competitive pricing in your proposals. Receive the service you deserve with superior levels of security and enhanced surveillance systems.


The costs are a fixed monthly charge that allows you to have a scheduled payment plan instead of purchasing our services all at once. If your site requires night time security patrolling we offer that as well and it can be provided at a greater discount with packaged contract deals.


Our central monitoring station has a dedicated team of licensed staff to ensure your construction site is always under high levels of surveillance and security watch. We conduct regular building site health checks to maintain performance levels. Personnel responds to any CCTV alarms that occur. Audio warning would be on alert, and intruders would be tracked.  The response team would be dispatched and the local police are issued for immediately.
Incident reports are produced and provided to the site managers within 24 hours of the violation, all details will be available in real time with full report descriptions. Apple’s Security systems have been uniquely designed for the construction industry and offer specific packages for each contract we take on.