Security Guards

Metro Vancouver Security Guard services include retail, construction, industrial & commercial.

Apple Security specializes in the service of highly trained security officers. We facilitate large public events and environments, where our professional security officers assure the safety of the general public and property. Our focus is unique to each situation; every solution is designed to serve the needs of specific clients and their industry.

Keeping consistency in safety and security is an expectation that is very important to us. We believe that keeping the right people for unique circumstances is essential in maintaining a high level of surveillance. At Apple, we provide the best and brightest for each specific job. From our strategic hiring and training process we have produced some of the best in the industry. You can feel confident in knowing that with us you’re receiving the right people for the job.

A large amount of time and resources is expended in the recruiting process. We want superior people who can adapt to different situations and who can be observant of things before they get out of hand. Diffusing a situation at the right time can make a magnificent difference when it comes to safety and security. Apple guarantees to provide assurance, quality, and surveillance of your assets. Our hiring process is very selective and filters in the most ideal candidates to ensure that our clients receive the very best there is to offer.

We invest considerable time and resources into recruiting the right employees. Superior people want to work with a superior company — one that cares about quality, treats their employees well and offers personal growth and advancement — so we’re fortunate to receive many applications. We then use our selective hiring processes to filter out the most ideal candidates, which ensures that our clients receive only the most adequate security officers available.

Apple provides extensive training to reassure their confidence in the field and provide the most insight in unique situations. We begin by evaluating their pre-employment training and what certifications have brought them. All regulatory requirements and standards are met from across the country. Each Apple Security Guard undergoes pre-assignment training and on-site training unique to each position and circumstance.

We ensure that our people continue to learn and grow. Our employees continuously strive to perform above the expectation of their job. The channels of support are in place and paired with a service model that provides effective communication.


Executive & Personal Protection


Intelligent, professional and vigilant. You require very alert guards that can blend in, be a part of the team, and able to excel in very complex situations. Executive Transport and court ordered protection along with 24hr residential watch.


Event Security


Attentive security guards that care about the success of your event are vital. From weddings to Canadian Cancer Relays to corporate events, concerts, community events, etc., our supervisors work with you to ensure it is covered.


Quality Security Guards


Apple Security is the company that never sleeps and has the technology to prove it. We take pride in being on time, professional, and knowledgeable about your site. Apple Security is bonded and our provincially licensed professional guards and supervisors work with you to ensure complete satisfaction.


Mobile & Bike Patrol


Complete lock check and site inspections with full accountability and monitoring for all sites in the Vancouver area and Lower Mainland. Excellent bike patrol security guards are equipped to ensure quick, quiet, and thorough patrol over your entire site.


Concierge Security


It is all about making your guests and/or residents feel safe and comfortable. Expect quality and professionalism with a strong desire to work with you to guarantee all situations are handled appropriately. Our concierge team will ensure your needs are met.


Loss Prevention & Retail Security


With your direction, Apple Security trains our loss prevention specialists to the exact standards of your store / site. Our discreet security staff are very attentive and pick up on the potential bad element or identified threat.