Special Events

We offer a high level of detailed security for the safety of your guests. These contracts are usually short term and Apple understands that every event we take on is unique. Apple provides rapid response to emergencies or unplanned events and we bring the best whom are fit for the job.


Our staff can efficiently accommodate any size facility and provide a passive but secure authority for the needs of your customers. Employees are trained to deal with fast paced, large public settings such as:


  • Festivals
  • Trade Shows
  • Sporting Events
  • Large Celebrations
  • Development Projects
  • Business Meetings
  • Live Music Concerts
  • Other Public Events


All entrances/exits will be under high surveillance and our security team will provide strict access control as needed. Welcoming and directing patrons is a part of their duty while maintaining crowd control and screen any unauthorized visitors. Large events facilitate massive crowds and Apple Security has many years of experience in planning the security of such events.