Retail / Loss Prevention

We offer a large variety of business services in the area of loss prevention.

  • Custom Program Development
  • Risk Assessment
  • Operational Audits
  • Site Surveying

Apple Security is knowledgeable and highly experienced. We provide investigations, surveillance, and security services that focus on eliminating the types of loss that impact your company’s profitability. We will evaluate and provide solutions for highly complex issues as they relate to your company’s organizational structure, labour allocations, equipment investments, in-house security programs, and productivity levels.

Retail stores suffer loss every day, not only from outright theft, but also from the cost of protecting themselves and pursuing the shoplifters. Although Civil laws enable retailers to recover money damages above and beyond merchandise, bringing offenders to justice can be difficult and costly. The loss prevention skills of Apple Security culminate in a civil recovery practice that delivers timely and cost-effective results.

Our outstanding professionals will work closely with our clients to combat against the most prevalent crimes of theft and internal loss, and we can also offer advice on preventative merchandising and displays. Apple Security provides in-store security personnel, including “mystery shoppers”. Mass video surveillance with the right aspect will allow for loss prevention and a more successful business. To establish a solid base for probable cause and prevent false arrest claims, Apple Security guards are trained in the six universally accepted steps necessary to establish probable cause to detain someone. The best way to limit false arrest situations is hiring, training, and supervising competent Loss Prevention Officers.

Our clients want to be confident they are receiving the level of service they have paid for. Apple’s security guards are trained to undertake duties such as theft deterrence, stock checks, in-store promotions, delivery of goods, loss prevention, and most importantly maintaining a professional image of your company. The  decision  to  approach  and  confront  someone  suspected  of  committing theft  should  not  be taken  lightly.  It’s  critical  to  provide  special  training  to anyone  charged  with  the  responsibility  of  apprehending  shoplifters. We additionally ensure that our retail guards work as part of your team, and encourage your managers to conduct a basic interview to make sure they feel that the officer will fit within their environment. Apple understands that keeping the right people in specific and unique environments is what makes the difference.

We provide great influence on our guards, as internal promotion is big within our company, allowing security guards to move through the ranks and achieve positions high up in management.